A Lubavitcher Chasid

Many people ask me how I have such hiskashrus to the Rebbe. I never met the Rebbe face to face. No Farbrengens, no dollars, nothing. How can one have hiskashrus to the Rebbe after Gimmel Tammuz? The Friediker Rebbe answers this in Ha Yom Yom. He says that a person who learns the Chassidus of the Rebbe is more powerful than seeing the face of the Rebbe. The whole purpose of Chabad Chassidus is to refine and prepare the world for Moshiach. Through the thousands of writings and talks of the Rebbeim from the Alter Rebbe to the Rebbe, a person can reach an unbelievable connection to Hashem.

My hiskashrus begins actually with a rejection of Chabad and a determination to find spiritual satisfaction in the Chagas Chassidic world which ended in nothing except the realization that Chabad and possible Breslov are the only realistic paths for spiritual fulfillment. The only way to achieve the same result of connecting to Hashem outside of Chabad is to pile your desk full of Zohar, Gemara, Midrash, Kabbalah, and Halachic Seforim that will leave you spending hours searching through all of them to find a common theme to build up a plan to connect to Hashem. This is what the Rebbeim, the Nosi Hadorim spent their lives doing for their Chassidim and the Jewish People. Doing all that work and giving each Jew who opens a book of Chassidus the path to Hashem, while hoping that the person will look at the sources and read the text surrounding them.

Every source in Chassidus is carefully chosen and it is meant to be looked up and analyzed. The quote that follows and precede it are also of importance as many sources are found in multiple places and this specific one was chosen specifically.

So what can you do to connect to Hashem? Listen to the Rebbeim! They have the emes as the Zohar says the Shechinah speaks through the mouth of a tzadik.

Step One: Go to the Mikveh every morning. It is imperative to purify your body before you can purify your soul. This is a very difficult to accomplish but once you start going your mindset with transform to that of someone who can not go a day without going to mikveh (Minus Yom Kippur and Tisha B’Av)

Step Two: Besides davening with a minyan EVERYDAY, for Sharchis and Mincha/Maariv you must try to get there early. The biggest obstacle of successful davening is rushing into it. If you have time to settle your mind and separate your daily activity from your Avodas Hashem then you will be successful. Arriving 15 minutes early minimum will ensure a settled mind and 5 or so minutes to learn something (usually Chassidus) before prayer

Step Three: Removing yourself from vanities of the world. Television, Movies, Internet are all filth. While there are holy ways to use all three, 99% of them is based on Sex, Lies, Violence, Drugs, Murder, and other very horrible character traits. These three objects give a person the ability to view, enjoy, and in a way live things they would never do in real life. Violent horror movies about torture, rape, and other vicious acts are critically acclaimed in the world. It is a sad time for society. If you spend any time with this, you can almost never expect to go anywhere spiritually. What you see with your eyes becomes apart of your mind and leaves less room for Torah to fill it.

Step Four: They say, clothing makes the person. Well if you dress like a goy then what do you expect? Jeans, bright colored clothing, no beard? not tznius. You are basically a goy. If you arent bothered by this idea then you are even worse off than expected. If a person cant tell you are a Jew from behind then you not a Jew. When you dress like the Goyim, act like them, and try to “be like them and fit in” they will hate you. They will want to kill you. No matter what you do, you can never be like a goy.

A friend told me recently that mesiras nefesh today is “wearing a beard and a yarkmula”. I wouldnt dare make a Jew who struggles with such feel bad, but I wanted to burst out laughing.

What is our Meserias Nefesh (Sacrificing of the Soul)? In past generation Meserias Nefesh was keeping Torah with a gun, sword, spear, etc to your head. When someone wants to kill you because of something you are empowered and many many Jews went down to the grave praising Hashem. Now what? The Rebbe speaks about this in a maamar titled “V’Ata Tezaveh” and it is a landmark maamar and in short the last will and testament to the Jewish world.

Our Meserias Nefesh is to go out of our comfort zone. We live in a land of prosperity and comfort and can become very lax in Torah because there is so much more “exciting and fun” stimulation in the world. When you dont want to go to minyan, GO TO MINYAN. Whatever mitzveh you arent excited about doing, that is the mitzvah you NEED to do and it will be a higher praise to Hashem then anything. I told a yid who is connect to Chabad that if he wants to get married this year he should put on Rebbeinu Tam Tefillin. He looked at me for a moment and said maybe he should put on Rashi Tefillin everyday. He posted a facebook post that my wife showed me (B”H I dont have Facebook, my wife uses it to keep track of the rest of the world) that he went to shul the next morning.

We are living in a time literally RIGHT before Moshiach Mamash! We need every mitzvah we can get. We need to strengthen ourselves and our learning of Torah. Every person is able to learn 1 hour of Torah a day. Every person is able to daven with a minyan at the very least for Shachris.

“The Blessing of Hashem bring Wealth!”

Dont try to scheme and make plans on ways to make more money. Find a job, work hard, and get paid. Hashem will bless you to give you the wealth that you need.

Suggested Read:

Kuntres U’Mayan by the Rebbe Rashab

A book on how to serve Hashem and realize that Hashem gives you blessing and all you can do is pray that Hashem gives you want you want because he ALWAYS gives you what you need.

Kuntres HaTefillah by the Rebbe Rashab

A book on how to daven (pray) properly. Using Hisbonenut (intellectual meditation) you will be able to connect to Hashem and have a powerful meaningful davening whether you are a Torah Scholor or a Businessman.

Mayim Rabbim by the Lubavitcher Rebbe

A Maamar based on Parshas Noach that explains how the Mabul (flood) represents financial worries and how no mater how raging the water is, it can never extinguish and wash away the love and yearning for Hashem that is intrinsically engrained in every Jewish soul. Through this maamar you will understand that your worries of parnasah (income) are due to the fact that you do not know in the depths of your mind, heart, and soul that Hashem is the TRUE AND ONLY source of blessing.

All of these books are available at Kehot Publication Society. 

May we speedily see the coming of Moshiach Bimhera V’Yamenu B’Karov MAMASH!


One response to “A Lubavitcher Chasid

  1. great steps, but I think Chitas and Rambam (each person to his/her ability) should probably also be one of the major steps.

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