Zos Chanukah!


Thought #1

One of the many connections between the Chanukah Menorah and the Menorah lit in the Bais Hamikdash is its ability to influence and reveal the light of Y”K”V”H into this world. While the Temple Menorah had the ability to reveal the Y”K”V”H, it was only the lower level  of revelation of its light. The Chanukah Menorah in contrast is able to reveal the light of the upper Y”K”V”H and with this level of G-dly revelation, the light is not only able to expel the darkness, it is able to transform the darkness to the point that the darkness itself actually shines like that of light. While each Nasi of the tribes brought korbonos (sacrificial offerings), Aaron was instead told that his offering would be the kindling the lamps of the Menorah and that the Menorah would be kindled forever through the miracle of Chanukah.  We must not doubt ourselves, and our own ability to connect to G-dliness. Where there is the most darkenss, there lies the potential for the greatest revelation of light with the coming of Moshiach bimhera v’yamenu Mamosh!

Thought #2

The festival of Chanukah represent a war against the deepest darkness of impurity. The Greeks (Yavan) represent the most threatening and destructive force against the Jewish people. While generations have tried to destroy the Jewish body, the Greek Philosophy wants to destroy the Jewish soul. By disconnecting the Jewish soul to the Torah, the Greek Philosophy rips the very life force of the soul from its source which Ch. 2 of Tanya says is from Hashem literally. Greek Philosophy strives to find the ultimate truth through ones intellect. This pursuit of knowledges renders anything beyond the grasp of human intellect to be false. While the Greeks did not have an issue with the Jewish people learning Torah for intellectual pursuit, they did have a problem with the Jewish people following commandments that had no rational reason except to fulfill the will of the Creator Blessed Be He.


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