A Tzaddik, Rebbe, and the Nosi HaDor walk into a Shul…


Someone asked a question;

“What is the difference between a Tzaddik and a Rebbe? Of course the Rebbbe is the [Nosi HaDor], but is there any difference other than that ?”

Here is my response;

There is a Tzaddik, a Rebbe, and the Nosi HaDor.

A Tzaddik is a righteous person. They can go hide in the forest and learn Torah all day or live in the world. Difference between Yosef and his Brothers.

R’ Avraham HaMalach was a Tzaddik

A Rebbe is a Tzaddik of course but he is a leader. He invests his very soul into his followers and sacrifices his own extended tefillos and learning to help his followers. His personal sacrifice actually brings him to a higher level then if he would have toiled solely on a personal level.

R’ Elimelech of Lizensk, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, the Sfas Emes, R’ Shlomo of Karlin. These were Rebbe’s in their generation. They had thousands of followers but as we see today, Chassidic sects are very insular and focus on the needs of their own group.

A Nosi HaDor is a Tzaddik, and a Rebbe (before and after the revelation of Chassidus but in different ways). He is the leader of the generation because he not only is a tzaddik and a Rebbe, but he also invests his very soul into EVERY SINGLE JEW, not just his own followers. His soul is so bound to the souls of the Jewish people that a Jew who do does not keep the Torah let alone the extra demands of the Rebbe can come seek out advice and guidance, since he realizes that only a person like the Rebbe can help him as he has exhaust secular wisdom. Never in history has a Torah Jew rose up that not just secular Jews, but Non Jews come for guidance, blessings, and advice.

“There is only one person in U.S. history to receive citizenship outside of an official government immigration office. This person was non other than the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe”

As we approach Hey Teves we are reminded of what Didan Notzach really means. That the Supreme Court of the United States can rule that the Rebbe does not need to testify because he represents complete emes is only of the unbelievable triumphs of Hey Teves.

The Rebbe was the pinnacle of the Nosi HaDor which is why everyone struggles after Gimmel Tammuz.

Who is the Nosi HaDor today? Where is the leader that Chassidic Rebbes all come to meet, and Prime Ministers and heads of State and Government for Israel and America? Where is this Jew? A Jew whose knowledge of Torah and Science is as vast and deep as the oceans of Earth. Where is he?!

May we merit the immediate and complete redemption of the Jewish people V’Kabtzeinu Yachad M’Arbreh Kanfos HaEretz L’Ertzeinu Bimherah V’Ameinu B’Karov MAMOSH


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