Ancient Chabad Tradition makes me LOL

Response to Shearim.Blogspot critical blog about Chabad and Yud Tes Kislev

The shilah is if the time I take to respond to missinformation is Bittul Torah. Is it a Kiddush Hashem and a Kiddush Lubavitch to set the record straight on a blog with such a large audience?

There is no such thing as “Lubavitch of Old and Lubavitch of New. It is not even worth debating as the notion is pure narishkeit and as the Alter Rebbe says in yesterdays Tanya “This mater is “very near” and is easy for any person who has a brain in his head”.

All Chassidim celebrate Yud Tes Kislev because it is the Histalkus (Yaharzeit) of the Maggid of Mezeritch. In addition every Chassidic Group holds the Alter Rebbe in high esteem so it is not a “Chabad” Holiday only. It doesnt take much time to find dozens of videos of gatherings with Striemel and Borselino’s together.

Moshe reminds me a lot of me in my early 20’s and iy”H he will grow up just like myself. His statements of fact as so off the ball.

1. The Rebbes of Ger and Belz are two of the largest chassidic groups in the world. They both accept the Rebbe and met with him on many occasions even in the later years when his “messianic ideas were very public” (if you actually learn Chabad Chassidus from the Rebbe, it was always very public) The Chassidic Groups who hold of physically assaulting Jews who are “Tinkos Sh’Nishba” being Anti Chabad means as much as the “M’Shamrei Ha’Ofanaim” (Dregs[Drek] of the Ofanaim Angels)

2. Yechi is said by all Chassidic Groups and there are videos online of Satmar (saying it of Reb Yoel!) GAAASP and Sanz-Klausenburg during an apple throwing

Satmar Chassidim say Yechi
Sans-Klausenberg say Yechi too

Its not the Yechi Adoneinu MoReinu V’Rabbeinu because all Chassidim say that.

Its not even the Melech HaMoshiach…

Its the L’Olam Vaed as it is to connected to “Baruch Shem K’Vod…L’Olam Vaed.

Moving on as Yechi is “Aein L’Dover Sof” There is no end. IF it bothers you then it will forever and if it doesnt bother you its because you see the bigger picture. Coming from someone who hasn’t been to 770 in over 6 years and doesnt say Yechi.

3. Chabad is now Modern Orthodoxy in Chassidic Garb
4. All the Chabad Rebbe’s wore Streimels

These questions can both be resolved together. Chabad is more open and accepting than other Chassidic Communities, true. To say they are modern orthodox simply means you lack an understanding of both modern orthodox, chabad, and how chabad fits into the Chassidic picture. We can both agree there is a tragic issues of tzinius in Chabad but I haven’t heard of a big Chabad movement who is taking off their sheitel’s and going to eat fish and dairy in non kosher restaurants. This statement has nothing to stand on and i can only imagine your response to back your statement. As far as the garb and minhagim of Chabad, there was never much focus on it because Chabad Chassidus WAS and ALWAYS will be Pnimus (Internal)

The Alter Rebbe worse a striemel. The Tzemach Tzedek wore all white and he worse a special fur hat that was not a striemel. The Rebbe Rashab wore a hambourg hat on the weekday and the Friedeker Rebbe wore a biber flat hat and a spodik on Shabbos. The Freideker Rebbe’s Rebbetzin would not give the Rebbe the spodik to wear so he wore his weekday hat into Shabbos. There never was until the Rebbe a uniform dress. The Rebbe folded his tallis the way he did to fulfill the honor of his Rebbe who wore the Chabad Tallis and his father who whore an all white tallis al pi kaballah. The way to tie tefillin on the finger differs between the Alter Rebbe and the Tzemach Tzedek.

Please stop acting as if Chabad was like all the other Chassidim until 1950 because it is not true at all. Today’s Chassidic groups thrive from Polish and Hungarian areas and with the exception of Karlin there are no large Russian Chassidic sects.

5. Holding of Ancient Lubavitch Tradition.

This was the best thing I have ever heard. We are standing on the 200th year of the Alter Rebbe’s Histalkus and now Chabad Tradition has reached Ancient Status. I wonder what that makes the Halachic Decisions of the RAMBAM or even better the Gemara. Lets not even try to figure out before and after the Temples may the final be speedily rebuilt!

One of the really amazing things I have learned about Chabad Chassidus is that everything has its source. If it looks as if Chabad is doing something “not like the rest of the Chassidim or other Jews” it 100% has a source.

So what is your source that it was minhag Chabad to were tzitzis over the shirt and wear long coats like the other Chassidim? Because you saw a photo of the Friedeker Rebbe? Then what is your source that what the Rebbe does the Chasid should do?

The Tzemach Tzedek writes in Derech HaMitzvosecha on the topic of how to wear a Tallis Katan. The source is that the Arizal would completely tuck in his Tallis Katan with the strings hidden as well. This is all pi Kabbalah. How does that work? It only works when you wear your Tallis Gadol all the time, which is exactly what the Arizal did. The resolution of the Tzemach Tzedek is that it is advisable to wear the Tzizis Beged in but the Tzizis Strings out. The Friedeker Rebbe is not a rayah. Not for Tzizus and not for Long Payos. I would like to see your proof and source that all the Rebbeim wore strimels, white socks, tzizus over their shirt and had langer payos. It simpely doesnt exisit.

I know its personal but since its fairly anonymous, some background about yourself might explain why you have these ideas. Are you are in your mid 20’s and have been frum for about 5 years. Nu?

Each Chabad Rebbe made changes to the ideas, minhagim of the previous. This is the job of the Nosi HaDor to fullfil the needs of the generation. The Rebbe changed Chabad the most and it would seem to fit with the world changing the most. After the Holocaust something serious had to be done. The Rebbe took much criticism for what he did. In the end there are hundreds of thousands of frum families and children in the world because of the Rebbe. Kiruv in the Litvish world and Chassidic world only exists because of the Rebbe as those same were spitting at the Rebbe with venom for bringing the “Evil ones” close to the Torah.

Chabad is not perfect but then again no group as and we are still in galus. We still dont have the Temple or Moshiach.

Yet instead of increasing our own connection to Hashem and Torah and trying to bring Moshiach we focus on the flaws of others whether individually or collectively.

I never met the Rebbe and neither did my parents. My children wont meet him until Moshiach and Techias HaMeisim come. Chabad Chassidus wasnt built on a Rebbe Chasid relationship that was physical. It was all spiritual. All you need is the Chassidus of the Rebbeim to find a way to connect to the oneness of G-d and make a dira b’tachtonim (dwelling place for him below) and thus bring Moshiach and complete revelation of the oneness of G-d. This is the entire message of Chabad Chassidus. Work on yourself and the pnimius (internal) and get over external.


4 responses to “Ancient Chabad Tradition makes me LOL

  1. The fact that it does exist somewhat, that they did wear long coats tizits out side their shirts can be proven by looking into the Malachim of Williamsburg. . rabbi Chaim Avraham Dov Ber Levine Ha Cohen was a very close chassid of the Tzemach Tzedek. He came here in 1923 and was the tutor of the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe He wore all of the above not to mention long peyos so where did this Mesora come from?

    • R’ Levi Yitzchok-

      This does not prove anything. It is clear that there was never a universal Lubavitcher dress code/ minhagim until Lubavitch came to America and even then it was not solidified until the publishing of Sefer Minhagim. The Lubavitcher in Russia could not in safety always have long payos or tzitzis outside. The Lubavitcher living closer to Poland experienced to a lesser degree, the harsh decrees of the Czar and later the Communists. Most Lubavitchers in Russia could not afford food for their family, let alone a streimel. The Malachim of today are completely absorbed into the Satmar/Hungarish style of dress and it is no proof of how Lubavitchers of old looked. The Chabad Rebbeim are a prime example as each of the Rebbe dressed completly different and do not represent the dress of their Chassidim.

      Alter Rebbe work black with a striemel and had long payos.
      Tzemach Tzedek wore all white al pi Arizal
      Rebbe Rashab wore a Hamburg Hat
      Rebbe Rayatz (Previous Rebbe) Wore a Biber Flat Hat, had tzitiz out, long long payos, and work a spodik during specific times
      Our Rebbe’s dress is a down hat, kapota, and did not have long payos (expect when he didnt cut his hair during mourning), or tzitzis out.

    • The Malach was here 30 years or so before the Satmar Rebbe so how could they have been influenced by Satmar. True today the follow the the shitta of the Satmar Rov. You also said Our Rebbe’s Dress IS, don’t you mean was?

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