There is Truth and then there is אמת.

Jewish are especially passionate people. They will go at lengths to search for what they feel is the ultimate Truth. This will sometimes R”L send Jews to Himalayan Guru’s and the Establishment of Enlightened Western Society. This is because there is a difference between Truth and אמת. The word אמת is unique because it describes the essence of Truth and not just the perception of Truth. אמת consists of the first, middle, and last letter of the 22 letter Hebrew Alphabet. This is because Truth (אמת) is something that is, was, and always will be. אמת is something that is from Hashem.

The Zohar says,

“D’Orisa Koodsha B’Richu Kula Chad” meaning “The Torah and the Holy One Blessed Be He are ONE.”

If it doesnt have a connection to Hashem then it isnt Truth. The misconception is that Hashem and his Torah are separate from the rest of the world. Hashem wants the Jewish people to live in the world not in the heavens, not in isolation. Hashem wants the Jewish people to show the world that while the vain materiality of the world exists, creation can rise above this and have a truth and strong connection to Hashem.

Dira B’Tachtonim aka a Dwelling Place for Hashem, is the purpose of creation. Hashem isnt impressed by Malachim of Beria or Light and Vessels of Atzilus proclaiming his glory. He wants the Jewish people and the rest of creation in this physical world to realize that everything is from Hashem and everything is Hashem and that he exists in this world as much as anywhere and cares about all of us deeply and personally.

May we merit to realize this with the complete and final redemption may it be immediate, Bimherah V’Yameinu B’Karov Mamosh!


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