Tzaddik Yesod Olam

The Tzaddik is the foundation of the world.  (Proverbs 10:25)

This statement echos through Chassidus Chabad as well as Chassidus Breslov.

While Chabad is not as explicit, Rebbe Nachman writes on this, that it is vital for the Jew to attach himself to the tzaddik to be able to connect to Hashem.

It is a bit brazen to say that the Litvish world is about 150 years behind the Chassidic world in regards to realizing the purpose of the world and the mission of the Jews at the very end of this bitter Galus.

While the Chassidim embraced Chassidus in the 1700’s it wasn’t until Nesivos Shalom that the Litvish world really started to get into Chassidus.

So? While I am biased, Ch. 9 of Kuntres HaTefillah of the Rebbe Rashab opens with the statement that only very lofty souls can reach high levels through Torah Study and that the majority of souls can only achieve this through prayer. This being a main difference between the outlooks of the Chassidus and Litvish world (although most Chassidim these days learn more towards the Litvish way sadly)

What does this have to do with the Litvish?

One of the great Litvish Rosh Yeshivas said that

“When R’ Eliyashev is in danger, [Klal Yisroel] is in danger”

The R.Y. is in short saying that just like Chassidim believe, especially Lubavitch Chassidim that the Nosi HaDor is the foundation of the world and that all source of life exists not just because of him, but through him.

R’ Eliyashev is 102 years old. We should say Ch. 102 tehillim for his full recovery. He is one of the last gedolim of the Litvish world and without him, the Litvish world will truly be in danger.


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