HaYom Yom 23 Shvat

Once, as the Alter Rebbe stepped out of his room, he overheard his wife remarking to several women, “Mine says…”

The Rebbe said: “With one mitzva I am yours; with how many are we G-d’s!” With these words he fell onto the doorpost in dveikut. On “awakening” from the dveikut he said: “Go out and see” – to step out of self and perceive the Divine, comes from (the following words in that verse) “daughters of Zion,” Malchut arousing z’a. The Future will bring the fulfillment of “A valorous woman is her husband’s crown.

Malchut (lit. “royalty”) is the tenth attribute, for which the moon is a metaphor, having no light of its own but reflecting (see “Tzemach Tzedek and Haskala Movement” p. 110, Note 3). Malchut then, is a “feminine” attribute, receiving. Z’a or z’er anpin, the “minor visage,” represents the earlier six attributes, starting with chessed, gevura, (kindness, severity) etc. The six act through malchut which makes them effective. The “stepping out of self,” negation of ego, and the resultant “perceiving the Divine” are elicited by the “daughters of Zion,” the “feminine” aspect, malchut.


The Rebbe commented on this story and how amazing it is that the Rebbe’s Rebbitzen can say one word, and an entire concept in Chassidus can be revealed.


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