RAMBAM’s Mishneh Torah

Next Thursday evening on the 8th of Adar, is the 30th Siyum HaRambam.

This year the 3 perek a day and 1 perek a day finish together each one taking 1 year and 3 years respectively.

Last year at a Farbrangen I decided that I was going to do 3 perakim. Its not an easy feat and not many took me serious. My wife didnt like the idea of me spending $200-600 on a new set of seforim so I had to use a mix of Mishneh Torah from my fathers library, the shul, and Chabad.org.

I read it all in English for the most part, and am confident that I will have completed at least 900 of the 982 chapters.

It was really difficult, especially when i didnt have access to seforim and fell sometimes 16 chapters behind during Yom Tov.

I asked some Litvish Bochourim if they learn Mishneh Torah. Seems like its really just a Chabad and other Chassidim doing this.

Baruch Hashem! I was exposed to an amazing amount of Torah this year through learning Mishneh Torah.

An alter Chasid who has probably been learning 3 perakim a day for the past 25+ years told me its something to be proud of.

So I am proud. of myself? No. This is what I was created to do. Happy? Yes. Very much.



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