This morning a man came to collect tzedakah. One of maybe 20 individuals that already came through the door. He asked me and I said I didnt have anymore today. He told me that I have an iPhone and I couldn’t give and walked away. I lost it. I said to him in a loud voice

Don’t judge me and I wont judge you.

He kept and it again and I said it again. I was wrong, yet so was he.

Still, this was my test, and I failed again.

We have no idea what is going on in peoples lives and to judge them based on the moment is not only unfair, but it is the antithesis of Judaism. Alas, we are still human.

While he thinks I am some rich stingy Jew with an iphone , he can just as easily be a lazy bum from Israel with a gambling problem who comes to “rich American Jews” asking for money to pay debts.

We are neither of these. This was a test from Hashem, for me to smile, say something nice or say nothing at all.

May Hashem bless me, and all of us that we should be able to fulfill what we say every morning that

I take upon myself the positive mitzvah to love every Jew.

May Hashem assist us and in this merit of this love bring Moshiach Tzekeinu B’Karov Mamash.


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