The Ultimate Chasid

just came across this passage (from Habad: the Hasidism of R. Shneur Zalman of Lyady, by Roman A. Foxbrunner) describing the ultimate Chabad Chasid:

Scholarly yet sociable; reticent, yet a capable singer of Hasidic melodies and relater of Hasidic tales and traditions; austere and somewhat ascetic, yet possessing a refined appreciation of this world’s pleasures; earnest but not humorless or somber; deeply religious but not unctuous or pietistic; modest but self-confident; devoted to RSZ [R. Schneur Zalman], but fully capable of thinking for himself: this Hasid personified the profound and paradoxical system that came to be known as Habad Hassidism.

This was found on Chabad-Revisted Blog

I found it to be very profound and something to think about when trying to be a Chasid.


2 responses to “The Ultimate Chasid

  1. Remove the name of the Rebbe, or replace his name with any other Rebbe’s name, and you could describe almost any ideal chossid. Another definition could go as such: “A person is a chossid, when he makes you want to identify with, and belong to that chassidic group,that he identifies with. A person is not a chossid, when he turns you away from that group.”

    • Thank you for reading my blog. Roman A. Foxbrunner who is quoted above is not to my knowledge a Chabad Chasid. What kind of exposure he has to other Chassidic Groups, I am not sure. One thing I know for sure that whether or not this can describe any Chasid of any Rebbe, this 100% describes a Chabad Chosid..

      Chabad isnt about making everyone want to be a Chabad Chasid but it is about making everyone want to learn Chabad Chassidus. I wouldn’t condemn a Chosid who doesn’t inspire people towards his derech since that would alienate just about ever Chasid in the world and most of those wouldnt be Lubavitchers.

      Or Breslover either.

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