Science for the win


Science has once again disproven that not only does Hashem exist, but his 5772 year old world doesnt look its age. While science has long since prided itself with the theory that the universe is millions of years old and that discovered remains of a man date back to 200,000-400,000 years, they just cant seem to nix the theory part of it all.

British scientists found the remains of a man in the Alps frozen in a glacier. Why is he so special? Well for the record he was killed 5,300 years ago. Killed? Yes, shot in back with an arrow. Its pretty impressive that mankind lived for over 200,000 years before the first murder, yet today, a study done by the W.H.O.  claims a person is killed every 60 seconds. Things must have been pretty peaceful back in the day. Now the reason that 5,300 is significant, as well as the method of the murder is that the Torah says in Bereshis (Genisis) Chapter 4, that Lemach shot an arrow and killed a man. The biblical chronology of 7 generations from Cain and the birth and death of Lemach work out to around 5,400 years ago. When a anthropologist says that an exhumed skeleton is somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 years old, then what is a 100 -200 year difference?

Could it be that this skeleton is the remains of Cain? Not sure. What does interest me is that scientists can say with a straight face that man has walked in the 11 billion year old universe for 200,000-400,000 years and it wasnt until 5,300 years ago that two men got into an argument and one ended up face down with an arrow in his back.


May we merit the true and final redemption now with Moshiach Tzedeinu B’Karov Mamosh.


CBS - First murder
CBS - W.H.O. claims a murder every 60 seconds

2 responses to “Science for the win

    • Until another remains is discovered this would be the oldest descovered remains of a murdered individual. The same way as the oldest human remains discovered date man at “100,000” years old until they discovered “200,000-400,000” year old remains.

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