Ban the Internet!

They want to ban the internet. They say that now the averia is in the home! Where was the averia before the internet? Up on a mountain somewhere?

– Rabbi Manis Friedman

The internet is a massive klippah. Its one of the biggest in history as we get closer and closer to Moshiach. For around $3 I can walk into an internet cafe, gamble a bit online, win some lose some. Then I can check out some porn, publicly embarrass someone, steal some music or software and call it a day.

On the other hand, I can access over 300,000 Seforim on a range of Torah topics. I can learn my 3 perakim of Rambam from my iPhone, learn Chumash with Rashi on the go, engage in a Torah discussion with friends around the world and be home in time for dinner.

That is what klippah is and a Chosid is not afraid of Klippah. I dont blame the Litvish in Lakewood for wanting to ban the internet. Their hundreds of pages of Gemara that they have shtieged away at wont protect them. Especially when you read about the most attractive women in the world coming to the sanhedrin for a question and showing 1 inch extra of her wrist that sends the Av Beis Din running home to his wife to overcome the carnal temptation.

The Internet is aKlippah Nogah which is a type of evil that contains good inside it. The entire purpose of creation is to extract the good from the Klippah Nogah in the world.

So what are we waiting for?!

We overcame Egypt, a place of the highest caliber of impurity in which not a single slave ever escaped. We left as an entire nation leave Egypt in complete ruin.

We overcame the Greeks during the Miracle of Channukah and the Persians in the Miracle of Purim

We overcame Rome, We overcame the Spanish Inquisition, we overcame the Middle Ages, we overcame the Nazi may their name but blooted out! We overcame the Czar and Communisim!

We cant overcome the Internet? We can’t hijak it for kedusah and spread the light of Torah around the world at the speed of light?

Thank G-d I am a Lubavitcher. We laugh in the face of Klippah, smash it, extract the holy light and spread it across the globe. spreading the light of Torah since 1992.



One response to “Ban the Internet!

  1. The Internet is indeed Klipat Noga, without a doubt! Still, with regard to “HaMa’aseh Hu Ha’Ikar”: if only this extremely complex issue were as simplistic as this short blog post suggests!

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