HaYom Yom כ”ד Sivan

This is my HaYom Yom. Of all the HaYom Yom of the year, this one in my humblest opinion the Ikkar, the Yechidah, the pinnacle of the entire sefer. It moves me to tears and I reaffirm every year on this day that I am indeed a Chasid of the Rebbe.  A Good Chasid? Well that is up for debate and takes the soul search of yesterdays HaYom Yom as I must scrutinize my own thought, speech, and action as scrupulously as I do others.

“You ask how can you be bound (m’kushar)to me when I do not know you personally…”

“…The true bond is created by studying Torah. When you study my maamarim, read the sichot and associate with those dear to me – the chassidic community and the tmimim – in their studies and farbrengens, and you fulfill my request regarding saying Tehillim and observing Torah-study times – in this is the bond.”

I never met the Rebbe face to face, yet ever since the Rebbe came to me in a dream the fire inside me burns to connect to him, and use his derech to connect to Hashem Blessed Be He. The precise and clear map of how to connect to Hashem through Chabad Chassidus is unshakable. The problem is, that it truly takes a lifetime to reveal it, understand it, and use it successfully. Nevertheless, the Previous Rebbe says clearly here, that when you fulfill his directives, you are connecting with him on a level higher than face to face. Why? Because Chabad Chassidus and the Rebbeim are above the physical. Both are completely spiritual like the creations of Chochmah of Beriah. I have no source for this, this is a feeling of the Soul.


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