Zealots validate me

No one is born a zealot. It takes a lot of hard work to really reach the level of zealotry. This week’s Torah Portion is a continuation of the end of last weeks where Pinchas picks of a spear and lances the prince of the tribe of Shimon while he is a publicly “knowing” one of the princes of Midian. (Take a look at Rashi 25:8 for the details). The tribe of Shimon then precedes to mock Pinchas and claim he descended from the idol worshiping linage of Yisro. This weeks Torah portion beings with the proper linage of Pinchas ben Elezar ben Aharon. His zealotry was so sincere and completely for the sanctification of Hashem, that Hashem gave him the gift of enternal priesthood.

So when is Zealotry a positive thing? Does it take the public sin of idol worship and forbidden relations of 24,000 Jews, or can we act with zeal against a women in Beit Shemesh who is a little to modern?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe has sichas where he makes the Satmar Rebbe look like Rav Kook. Sharp works and clear demands upon his chassidim to live their lives above the letter of the law and with mesrius nefesh stand firm against any compromise of Torah in the face of the world. Still, the Rebbe’s Ahavas Yisroel was next to none, and in the midst of harsh criticism of other Gedolim embraced the long haired hippy in line with the chassid from Williamsburg.

The Rebbe’s words do not need to be interpreted because they are as clear as day. The Rebbe spoke of zealotry and of the ones who might be deserving to be on the receiving end.

There are those that insist that zealotry is the solution against the non conformists in Chabad. Between the “Chabad Lite” and the “Moshiach Heavy” it seems that a Chabad Chassid can barely rest trying to fight for the honor of the Rebbe and Chabad Chassidus in addition to him/herself fulfilling the requests and sometimes demands of the Rebbe. Now lets step back for a second and think about what the Rebbe said about this. When did the Rebbe every promote debate and public outcry over anything? Did the Rebbe not demand that our own personal refinement will bring more light to the world than the demands that others change? From Communist Russia to the Conservative Movement, the Rebbe always said to keep quiet, work policy in the background and for G-d sakes go out and help a Jew do a mitzvah.

We dont judge the non religious Jews, you know the ones who eat treif meat on Yom Kippur and pizza on Pesach, yet our very own family we damn to hell C”V! Why is it so hard to except that even Lubavitcher struggle to live a Lubavitcher life and that this life is really difficult? What makes it worse is the mamash hypocrisy from “Normal” Lubavitchers makes it even worse. When one of these individuals doesn’t live up to the Lubavitcher name yet can very easily crush their fellow.

Well I think a new movement needs to take hold in Lubavitch. Its called Lubavitch, you know the town in Russia? You know what you are capable of, and if you would max out yourself, love yourself, and never be satisfied but be happy with how far you have gotten, you will have a myriad more influence on the world then trying to crush another yid.

I spent about 2 hours discussing Chabad lite at a Shabbos table and realized how pointless this was. Dont drag the Rebbe down with you, but hey these FFB’s grew up with the Rebbe right? They cant let go of the Rebbe, imagine that! The Rebbe’s power is so potent that even a yid that would normally have fried out by now cant because of Chabad Chassidus and the Rebbe!

Now that is a powerful message that reminds me of the Jews in Russia who also didnt fry out because of Chabad Chassidus and the Rebbe.

So there is hope! There is hope as long as we continue to be lamp lighters.

Now go out and set someone on spiritual fire.


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