We all have blurred vision

Pop Chassid wrote an article via his blog about the response to an alleged raging trend in the Charedi world. The trend? A pair of glasses that are purposely blurred and smudged for Orthodox Jewish men to wear outside to protect them from seeing inappropriately dressed women.

These glasses were created for one purpose, which was to test the Jewish people and the world. Will these been on display in all the hip charedi stores? Will they make a Ray-Ban model? Of course not. The Test? Tolerance. Tolerance for something that is the complete antithesis of what we represent. Tolerance of what we view as something that is just wrong. Stereotyping. We failed this as well. Not only are these glasses attached to ALL Charedim, but ALL Charedim are the same; Sexist, Oppressive, Abusive, Aggressive, Cultish Neanderthals. I might have embellished it a bit, but it was to make a point.

The situation and reaction reminds me a bit about a certain chicken sandwich chain.
I am supposed to be tolerant and respective of homosexuals who live a life that not only is the opposite of nature, but something I find to be a lifestyle built completely on nourishing pleasure and carnal desire. It is a selfish lifestyle that is about what I want and not about sharing with others and bringing children into the world. When a man or women want to life this lifestyle, the world demands that we respect their choice. Even more, even if you don’t choose to live this lifestyle the world demands that we still support them by making laws for them etc. So why is a Jew, or a religious Jew not deserving of the same right when what they do is viewed as “lacking the capacity of self-control”? So what if they lack self control? At least they acknowledge their deficiency unlike the people so quick to judge them. I am sure that some of your commenters below and the thousands who commented on other blogs are all living the highest level of morality and self control.
The attraction that this has received from the world is a reminder that a Jew is a Jew and the world does not see the difference between secular, religious, or charedi.
The fact that Jews are on the forefront of this just proves that Jews are so eager to sell out their fellow Jews to look like acceptable, progressive, enlightened and intellectual in the eyes of the nations of the world.
Between these glasses and the reaction to them, I think we can come to an agreement that we have all helped participate in a total fail, myself included.

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