We have no idea the impact we can make on a person. The things we do and say and how we are seen by others can completely change the course of a persons life. A friend of mine who is a friend of Lubavitch ask a co-worker at a college he teaches at who he never met if he wanted to put tefillin on. This friend had woken up late and was going to daven in his office and figured that he would ask this fellow Jew to put on the tefillin. The Jew agreed and that was that. Six months later my friend gets a call that because of this experience his co-worker had bought his own tefillin and tzitizis and started keeping Shabbos and exploring his Judaism to the fullest over the past six months. This is mamash amazing. 

When I see the world of social media, I usually want to vomit in my mouth. No sector is safe from the immodest and immoral, even the technology blogs I use as research for work. When I see Lubavitchers, and Jews in general in the world of social media utterly wasting this precious tool, myself included. The internet is a torch and we have the power to light it. Instead of wasting time responding and expressing our feelings about negativity thing written about Religious Jews who wear funny glasses, or how the holy Rabbis are evil frauds, spread the LIGHT!

We have the ability to share the deepest most powerful emotions of our very soul which as the Alter Rebbe says, is a piece of G-dliness MAMOSH!!! Inspire people by teaching them Torah and showing them that they are the most important thing in the world to Hashem. Show them that the very foundation of existence was created solely for this person to build a relationship with Hashem.

Share the light with the world. Dont hoard it while you point out the evil and injustice in the world. This isnt the way of Yiddishkiet, Chassidishkiet, and certainly not Lubavitchkiet. The Rebbe never focused on the problem, he showed the solution. The solution is Torah, the solution is Chassidus, the solution is bringing another Jew into a situation where they can perform a mitzvah.

My son learned a song a few weeks ago that I just cant stop singing.

Way up high, in the sky there’s a building still unfinished

Way up high, in the sky the Mikdash HaShlishi

And with every mitzvah that we do so carefully 

Hashem puts another brick in the Mikdash HaShlishli! 


Can we bring Moshiach now?


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