The Popular Vote

In response to Pop Chasid’s article

Before the Rebbe took the nesius, Reb Dovid Goldstein, a young bochur as the Rebbe “How to begin serious avodah?” The Rebbe responded warmly, “Techilas Ho’Avodeh iz, az m’tut nit vos m’vil” (The beginning of avodah is to withod from doing as you wish” The Jewish people are human, and prone to error. The Galus (exile) is a thick cloud that stops us in our tracks, yet as the Alter Rebbe sayins in Perek 12 of Tanya, “A little bit of physical light banishes a great deal of darkness.” Chabad Chassidus shows a Jew that they have the ability, not the potential, but the actual ability to “mekbal u’malchus shamayim” to take the yoke of the kingdom of heaven upon us.

The challenge is that you have to let go. You have to let go of your ego. Not just the evil ego that tells you that everyone is so fake and that you are so holy, but the Chassidishe Ego. The one that puts people in their place because they dont farbrengen enough, or learn enough, or daven with a minyan, or do what the Rebbe demands of us.
Ego. The Alter Rebbe says in Ch. 47 of Tanya (shortest chapter btw) that the only thing stop you from nullifying yourself to the Ein Sof Baruch Hu, is….you.
In my journey in life I have been challenged, questioned, mocked, insulted, even threatened for my beliefs. I realized something at a farbrengen that the Rebbe truly is Chased she’b Malchus. The chassidim messed up so many times, the Jews who visit him that were not even frum, the Rebbe took everyone in and never once rejected a single neshmah that reached out to him. So there I am 5:30am after farbrengening past midnight sitting in the mikveh and here is this guy going to the mikveh and isnt even wearing a pair of tzitzis or a kippah. What a fake! What a joke! Why even go to the mikveh, and then it hit me.
I am all of the above. I wake up early every morning and go to the mikveh, I learn chassidus for an hour before davening, I make it to mincha and maariv with a minyan, I have a very solid seder of learning, I farbreng till midnight once sometimes twice a week. And what? All of this and I havent made one single inch of progress. 3 years of rejecting Baal Teshuvah parents and 7 years of trying to become one myself and I am still where I started.
Thank G-d I didnt realize this at 40. C”V.
Every Jewish soul is precious and we need to literally kill ourselves to love that Jew. To separate the sin from the soul and realize that our love for that Jew will help them a myriad more than our Judgements.
Maybe I didnt read your article well enough but in reality this response to you is really a response to myself, where I need to be, and how I need to work on myself.
I once farbrengened with a chasid who had a million dollar home, 2 luxury cars, pesach and sukkot trips that cost in the thousands and figured that he had the life. Turns out the guy is in therapy once a week at least and the “easy life” isnt so easy now is it?
Chasima V’Chasima Tova! Moshiach Now!

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