It’s time to bring the Rebbe back.

The room is quite dark at the moment and smells of revolution. I can’t make out their faces as we sit around the table and the scene in black and white doesnt help. In the shadows a tired and worn soul speaks up. It’s hard to make out the words as I strain to hear…

It’s time to bring the Rebbe back…

I tense up and close my eyes feeling them swell up with tears. My heart is almost beating through my chest as I open my eyes.

5:30am always sounds like a magic harp. Thanks iPhone.

The whole day I kept thinking about this dream. My dreams are usually filled with insanity as I slowly let go of klippahs of the past. I got ahold of my Mashpia and walked through the dream with him. He told me that the Rebbe said this to a Chasid and wrote it in a letter referring to the Friediker Rebbe.

This past Shabbos Rabbi Kaplan from Mayanot was in Los Angeles and farbrenged a few times with us. It was Chaf Zayin Adar and emotions were on the table and somewhere around midnight a young slightly freyied out Lubavitcher shot out a loaded question of how we can have Hiskashrus to the Rebbe after Gimmel Tammuz.

The bottom line is we need Moshiach Mamash. Every single issues and struggles is an offshoot of the fact that Moshiach isn’t not revealed and we are still in Galus. The Rebbe made it clear for years that bring Moshiach is the ikkar and we must do whatever we can to bring him now.

Whatever your feelings are of the Rebbe being Moshiach or not everyone agrees that Moshiach is coming, the Rebbe will come back, and G-dliness will be completely revealed in the world.

So now what? Dira B’Tachtonim, Moshiach and…

It’s time to bring the Rebbe back…

The Rebbe misses us more then we miss him.


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