The Rebbe Drank Bénédictine

The Rebbe used to make L’Chaim on Bénédictine until allegedly someone said it has connections to Xtian Monks and after that he stopped drinking it. Even if the Rebbe knew he was right, (and he was), he never would do something that could be perceived as a Chilul Hashem. I heard from a Mashpia that he kept it under the table. After doing some research on the liqueur, I found that it was developed by a Frenchman named Alexandre Le Grand in the 1800’s and he invented (like all good businessman) and elaborate story of Xtian Monks making the drink to connect it to the city. Truth is, he invented it himself with the help of a chemist.



One response to “The Rebbe Drank Bénédictine

  1. I too heard that the Rebbe not only made L’Chaim on Bénédictine, but also gave it as part of his Mishloach Manot on Purim. But I did *not* hear that he stopped doing so because of any monastery-related stories; on the contrary, I heard that the Rebbe was somehow “in the know” that this liqueur was perfectly fine with regard to Kashrut.

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