Age of the Universe

Since the Age of Enlightenment, science has been on a quest to be at odds with religion in attempts to cast off the yoke of Torah and expose it as a flawed creation of man. Atheisim aside, the main battle seems to stem from the idea that the “creators” of Judaism were Rabbi that while intelligent clearly were not aware of certain aspects of the universe, the world, and how creation came into existence.

Reconciling Religion and Science is not a new idea. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan Z”L published many books in the 80’s compiling sources to show they compliment each other, as well as Aish and their poster scientist Dr. Gerald Schroeder. Personally, I am not interested in being validated by a school of thought that changes every few years, nor do I need to live in a world that is 5773 years old or 13.2 billion years old to live a meaningful life. Yet, it is very interesting to see sometimes how Torah had it right all along it Science is a thousand years or so behind the times. Last week a group of scientists published their research on the age of the universe, showing the age of the universe is actually 80 million years older than expected. Why is this such a breakthrough you might ask? While 80 million years isn’t much, it is a step in the right direction as the universe is actually a little bit older than that. ::GASP!::

In the 13th century, there was a Kabbalists named Yitzhak of Acco. He is noted as one of the chief students of the RambaN and an accomplished scholar in his own right. He theorized that the age of creation was much greater than a few thousand years old. He bases the age on a pasuk (verse) in tehillim (90, Tefillah L’Moshe) that says that 1,000 years is like yesterday for you Hashem. When you begin to multiply this number by certain calculations based on the Talmud you arrive at the number 15.34 billion years old. All wisdom in the world is contained in the Torah, including everything that science has and will reveal. This includes the findings that seemingly contradict Torah. Torah also does not need to be validated and this is why many Gedolim and Scholars do not run to R’ Yitzhak of Acco’s sefer to prove to anti religious scientists that not only is there no contradiction, but you are once again 1,000 years behind.

 ESA‘s Planck space probe scientific estimation places the occurrence of the Big Bang at 13.7 ± 0.2 billion years ago.


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