Emes is Emes (Truth is Truth)

When something is the truth then it is accepted by everyone. The problem is that many time the truth hurts, which can lead to individuals opposing the truth, when in fact they are opposing your presentation of the truth.

There is a hashtag on Twitter at the moment,


and it is filled of thousands of tweets full of inspiration and strength as we being the month of preparation for Tishrei, and the Yom Noraim (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur).

The first thing I noticed about #BlogElul as it seems to be some sort of attempt by Reform Judaism to make Judaism relevant again.

The reel of tweets are full of women spiritual leaders of Reform Synagogues, and one young lady with neon pink hair.

A colleague of mine posted the following tweet.

which was interestingly, and surprisingly retweeted by two of these said women spiritual leaders of Reform Synagogues.

This is why Emes is Emes, because when you write something from the heart, and its warm and passionate and its emes, then everyone embraces it.

Now if only we could help our lost Jewish bretheren understand that equality doesn’t mean everything is equal. Imagine if the tires of a car demanded they be “equal” to the headlights, or that a chair be “equal” to a fish tank.


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