Mochin Rechavim;

The term mochin rechavim, lit. “broad intellect,” defies translation. It does not refer to Reb Moshe’s broad spectrum of knowledge or to “broadmindedness”; rather, it describes the nature (intense, powerful), absorptive ability (capacious), and breadth (wide-ranging) of his intellectuality – his faculty of intelligence.


The goal of this blog is to bring Moshiach through the spreading of Chassidus. The spreading of Chassidus brings a light down into this world that causes Hashem’s infinite light to be revealed in this world. This creates a Dira B’Tachtonim, a dwelling place for Hashem in this world. May we speedily see the coming of Moshiach and the building of the third and final Bais Hamikdash Bimherah V’Yameinu BKarov Mamosh!